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In partnership with Mercury Bank and Mastercard, Click and Ship Limited is proud to introduce the Click and Ship Prepaid card, tailored to meet the financial needs of both small businesses and individuals in select countries. Email: prepaidinfo@clickandshipltd.com

Mercury Personal Card

Mercury Personal Cards

Introducing the multifaceted Mercury Personal Prepaid Card, designed to transcend geographical boundaries, enabling seamless online shopping, utility payments, travel expenses, subscription services, and more. Load between a minimum of $100 USD and up to $5,000 USD for personal expenditures. Additionally, upon issuance of the physical card, you'll receive a complementary virtual card linked to your wallet, offering convenient access for in-store or online transactions, ensuring uninterrupted financial management even when your physical card is not at hand.

Mercury Virtual Card

Mercury Virtual Card

The Mercury Virtual Card offers a prepaid solution tailored for online shopping and international transactions. While it doesn't include a physical counterpart, it provides the convenience of tap payments at select point of sale terminals in certain countries. Please note, this card is not compatible with ATMs, but is ideal for secure online transfers.

About This Product

The Click and Ship Prepaid Card presents a versatile and reloadable prepaid solution tailored for both personal and business needs. Available as a standalone virtual card or as a physical card accompanied by a virtual card, this product offers unparalleled convenience for users seeking seamless financial management.

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Easily manage your finances with the Mercury app. Check your account balances, set spending limits, freeze your account, change your PIN, or cancel your card—all from the convenience of your mobile device.